Big Changes to Alpha Posse

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You might not know this, but we’ve got a vibrant online community called the Alpha Posse. It’s our not-so-secret little “secret,” and we’ve just made it 100x better so we can share it with the world.

First, a little background on AP.

gmb group having fun

It all started in May of 2011, when Ryan, Andy, and Jarlo realized they were fielding so many questions from clients on a daily basis, that a community forum might be pretty useful.

And it was! We started with just a handful of people, but many of those early members are still part of our community today, including:

(Here’s a super cheesy, old video from the early days of AP, that they’ll probably all hate us for sharing–sorry, guys!)

Back then, AP was basically a clunky forum (as pretty much all forums were in 2011). And people loved the camaraderie, support, and coaching they got! Eventually, we moved to a new, less clunky (but still clunky) platform, and started offering new ways for our community to engage and have fun.

Things were going really well, and our community kept growing, slowly but surely. But we knew that technical limitations meant that we couldn’t support a large influx of people without breaking the internet. So we never really advertised Alpha Posse, and it continued as our “little secret” for the past few years, while we focused on improving our other programs and supporting our existing community.

Well, we’re finally on a brand spanking new platform that supports all the needs of our community! Hot damn!

Here are some of the new features we now offer:

  • Tagging other members—This makes it so much easier to engage with other members of this great community
  • Photo embedding—Makes it a lot smoother to get feedback and support.
  • Better thread organization—Find what you need faster!
  • Emojis—Need I say more?
  • Achievement badges—Now you can see who’s most active and engaged on the forums

All of those, along with some other features, means Alpha Posse is now fully ready to support our growing community, and it’s now an even better place to get help along your fitness journey. You won’t find a more supportive or fun community online :)

But Alpha is so much more than just a forum. It is the cheapest, most accessible way to get direct coaching from our GMB Trainers, staff members, and from Ryan (who’s on the forums all the time). And it includes lots of exclusive resources we don’t share elsewhere.

Go check it out.