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2018 is about to come to a close, and you know what that means! It’s time for our annual GMB round-up.

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Here’s a rundown of some of what happened this year:

  • published 25 new articles and routines, and made major updates to another 22 articles
  • beefed up our YouTube channel with 40 new videos, now enjoyed by 21,000 new subscribers (if you’re not one of them yet, click here to subscribe)
  • graduated 14 new GMB trainers this year, bringing our grand total up to 70 GMB Trainers all over the world!
  • welcomed 12,051 new clients to our GMB family
  • our kickass support team answered 20,300 emails this year! Yowza!
  • the cherry on top: 2,789,269 new people visited our website this year, which is mind bogglingly awesome

Another cool thing that happened this year: zombie fighting. Okay, maybe not the real thing, but Jarlo was featured in a new zombie fighting game. We can’t really take any credit for that, but we’re pretty damn proud of him!

Since we produced so much content this year, and it would probably take you a good couple of weeks to read through it all (between new and updated articles, we’ve shared more than 100,000 words of content this year!), we’ve broken it down below into the most important stuff you should check out.

This isn’t a popularity contest or anything, but people seemed to really dig these articles this year.

The Best Handstand Tutorial on the Web

We took the best handstand tutorial and made it even better this year. If you were considering splurging on a $100+ handstand course for the holidays, don’t. Our comprehensive tutorial is better than any paid course out there (though, of course, it can’t beat in-person instruction), so you can spend your hard-earned money on those AirPods you’ve been eyeing instead. Click here to see our handstand tutorial.

A Routine to Overcome Shoulder Pain

It’s no surprise this routine got a lot of attention - shoulder pain is extremely common! Sitting for hours on end hunched over your computer will do a number on your shoulders, and if you do any intense exercise that puts extra strain on your shoulders, you might be dealing with some serious shoulder discomfort. This routine can help you improve how your shoulders are feeling and moving. Click here for the shoulder pain routine.

Complete Bodyweight Training Guide

There’s a lot of conflicting and confusing information on the interwebz about bodyweight exercise, and it can be tough to know how to navigate that world of training if you’re new to it. So we put together this detailed guide to help you reach your training goals - whatever they may be - using just your bodyweight. We cut through the noise, and give you just the most important information. Click here for the full bodyweight training guide.

Parallettes Training Guide

The parallettes (aka “p-bars”) are one of our favorite training tools for building serious strength and skill, but there’s limited instruction out there on how to use them and get the most out of them. This 6-part guide will give you everything you need to know, including a full training routine that will probably keep you pretty busy for quite a while. Get started with chapter one, and work your way through the full guide. Click here to get started with parallettes training.

Overview of the GMB Method of Training

It’s pretty exciting that people were excited about this one, and not just because it took our team hundreds of hours of manpower to put together. The GMB training methodology stems from the combined experience and knowledge of Andy, Ryan, and Jarlo, who’ve worked together with the rest of our team to create an approach that is quite different from most other fitness companies, but has worked for tens of thousands of clients. Click here to learn all about the GMB method of training.

New Exercise Routines

This was a big year for new routines! If you’ve been looking for a specific type of routine, there’s a good chance we made one this year :) Here are some of the best routines we made this year:

Perennial Favorites

Here are some of our older articles and tutorials that have stood the test of time. People just keep coming back to them over and over!

Hip Mobility Routine

This tutorial has topped the charts of our most popular content for many years. Thousands of people have used this routine to get their hips moving better, and we’ve gotten countless comments and emails from people telling us just that. One YouTube commenter said, “As a basketball player that’s getting up there in age LOL this has helped me tremendously. Still continuing to hang with the young fellas in my tournaments.” Check out the routine here.

Get Flexible Fast

If you had a choice between getting flexible quickly and efficiently, or slowly and painfully, which would you choose? That question probably sounds stupid, but most people choose to follow the same old approaches to stretching that don’t really work, or are painful and boring. It’s no wonder that people keep coming back to our no-nonsense guide to quick and painless flexibility. Get all the flexibility help you need here.

Hamstring Flexibility Tips

Can’t touch your toes? There’s a good chance your hamstrings are responsible. But trying to force a stretch in your hamstrings (like you’ve probably been taught to do in the past) is just a recipe for disaster–not to mention, it probably won’t work. This article has helped thousands of people take a saner approach to loosening up their hamstrings, so they can touch their toes all they want. Click here to start working on your hamstring flexibility.

Handstand Tutorial

There’s that handstand tutorial again! Although we gave this one a complete facelift this year, we’ve had a detailed handstand guide up on our site pretty much since the beginning of GMB, and countless people have used our advice to finally nail their handstands. Handstands have become quite popular over the years, and for good reason–they’re a great representation of strength, mobility, and control. Use this tutorial to work on your handstand.

New Case Studies

The best part of our jobs at GMB is seeing our clients gain the freedom they want in their bodies. And one of my personal favorite things to do is to share their stories with the world. Here are a couple of new case studies we added this year. They’re worth checking out!

Alissa Carpio - How She Won a National Fitness Competition

Alissa is an all-around badass! On top of raising two boys (the older of whom has autism) and running an online coaching business, Alissa has been competing in fitness competitions for 14 years. All she wanted was to win a national level competition, and she used our parallettes courses to perfect her routine and finally get that win she was after!

Click here to see how Alissa did it.

Steve Rosen - How He Rehabbed His Shoulder Using Elements

After completely dislocating his shoulder, Steve was told he’d likely have to have surgery, but he got approval from his doctor to try going through Elements, and it worked! He was able to get most of his range of motion and function back, and he didn’t have to go under the knife. And the coolest part? He learned how to pay attention to what his body needs, rather than pushing himself past his limit like he’d done in the past.

Check out Steve’s story here.

You could spend several days straight just watching all the videos on our YouTube channel, but please don’t do that. You’ve probably got way more important things to be spending your time on. Here are some of our most popular videos.

Handstand Series

Are you sensing a theme here? The first video in our 8-part handstand series, published a few months ago, was our most popular new video in 2018, with nearly 40,000 views. Check it out, and don’t miss the rest of the series!

Hip Mobility Routine

This one is our most popular video of all time, with over 3 million views! That means it’s helped millions of people overcome hip tightness - how cool is that?! It can help you too.

Let’s Kick Ass in 2019!

We’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the works for next year!

If you’re a member of the Posse and have an idea or question you’d like us to cover in 2019, we’d love for you to get in touch.

And if you’re new to GMB and want to learn more, head on over to our site for hundreds of free resources on movement, flexibility, and bodyweight strength. You can poke around and see what interests you, or go ahead and sign up for a free bodyweight exercise workout.

Let’s do this!

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