Best of GMB in 2019

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Hot damn! How is 2019 already over?! This was a big year for us at GMB, but next year is going to be even bigger, so we’re all pretty excited to greet 2020.

Obviously, the biggest thing we did this year was put out Mobius, our first new program in over 4 years, on our brand new training platform, Praxis! Getting Mobius and Praxis ready was our #1 focus this past year (and most of last year too), and people seem to be loving them so far. And we still managed to get a lot of other exciting things done this year:

  • We brought back our podcast! We published 21 new episodes of the GMB Show this year. If you're not subscribed, I seriously recommend examining your life choices.
  • After being our client almost since the beginning of GMB, Josh Hillis joined our staff this year to help us put together our Eating Skills experience (more info coming soon).
  • Our kickass support team answered 12,704 emails this year! (If you've never written to our support team, try it! We answer every email we get).

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Top 5 New Articles

We published a bunch of new articles this year! Here are the 5 articles people loved best:

  • Why Your Workout Isn't Helping You Move Better (and What You Can Do About it)—This article is all about those "in-between" movements almost no one trains, but everyone can benefit from. The in-between is what makes highly skilled movers as controlled as they are, and it's also an essential part of protecting people from serious injury.
  • Staying Healthy With a Desk Job: Strategies and a Quick Desk Stretching Routine—Most of spend the majority of our time sitting hunched over a computer or phone, and that can make for a pretty stiff and achey body! So, lots of people have already benefited from this article, which includes a routine that can be done right at your desk, along with helpful tips for avoiding the mobility and pain issues that often come along with a desk job.
  • How to Fall Safely & Protect Yourself from Injury When Shit Happens—If you haven't already, you're going to fall at some point. We ALL do. Life is unpredictable, so you might as well be prepared for the unexpected. Knowing how to fall safely can mean the difference between a serious injury and a little embarrassment.
  • 57 Ways to Get More Physical Practice in Your Day—Formal exercise is important, but even if you train a lot, it only makes up a tiny portion of how you spend your time. We put together this list of fun and unique ways to get more movement throughout your day to make it a little easier for you.
  • Learn to Move Smoothly and Seamlessly with Movement Flow—When a skilled athlete flows seamlessly from one movement to the next, and within each of their movements, it catches your eye, and for good reason. But that smooth movement flow is not only accessible to high level athletes. This article shows you how to tap into that level of control and movement mastery.

Our Best Updates this Year

We made major updates to over a dozen of our perennial top articles this year. Over 6.5 million people visited our site this year, and our top articles definitely got a lot of love in 2019!


Here are our top 5 most loved articles of all time:

New Meta Blog Content

Last year, we launched our “meta blog” (that’s where you are right now!), where we share updates about what’s going on at GMB HQ, and it’s also a place for staff members to share more personal stories about how our Method has impacted their lives. Here are our top 5 new meta blog posts this year:

  • Our Company Values (None of That Corporate B.S.)—We've always done things a little differently from other companies, especially other companies in the fitness space. Here are the values that drive everything we do.
  • Reflections on Turning 45)—Jarlo turned 45 this year (that's a big deal!) so he wrote this piece about how his training journey has changed, but mostly stayed the same, throughout all those years. There's a lot you can learn about consistency, goals, and expectations.
  • When Injuries Force Us to Embrace Goal Cycling—One of our staffers, Stacey, wrote this piece about how she used goal cycling to work through a pretty disruptive injury. By shifting her mindset, she was able to find a way to keep working toward her goals while listening to her body’s need for less intensity.
  • We're skipping Black Friday (like we do every year). Here's why.—Every year, we get lots of questions about whether we're going to be having a Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) sale. Our answer is always no, but not because we’re jerks. We've got good reasons, and this piece lays 'em all out for you.
  • Introducing: Praxis—This one was probably the most exciting meta blog post we shared this year! Praxis is our brand new training platform, which took us nearly 2 years and around a million bucks to build. We launched it this year with our new program Mobius, and we'll be moving our other programs over there in 2020.

YouTube Videos

We weren’t super active on YouTube this year (we’ve got big plans for 2020, don’t worry!)

youtube top videos

Plus, we got over 15k new subscribers (if you’re not one of them yet, go subscribe here), and people watched 85k hours of content on our YouTube channel! Whoa!

Other Milestones

  • Almost 11,000 new clients this year decided to start working toward physical autonomy with one of our programs! Back in September, we crossed the 60,000 client mark.
  • We rolled out a new and improved version of Alpha Posse, our online community, on an intuitive and interactive platform. And 163 new people joined our exclusive community this year.
  • Likewise, we completely revamped our GMB Trainer Apprenticeship this year, making the experience even better than before, so that our GMB Trainers are well-prepared to help their clients get the most out of the GMB Method.
  • And speaking of trainers, we graduated 28 new GMB Trainers this year, bringing us to 97 active trainers worldwide! Check our directory to see if we've got someone in your area.
  • We also launched MoveLab, which is not really part of GMB but it's a good place for us to share shorter programs that we couldn't really find a home for within our GMB platform. Plus, we get to promote the good work of other people putting out quality fitness programming. We'll be adding more programs next year!

What’s Coming Up in 2020?

We’ve got big plans for 2020! Among them:

  • Releasing a new Eating Skills coaching experience (more details coming soon!)
  • Re-opening Mobius (we did a limited release for this first run which will help us fix any other bugs in the program and make the experience even better when we open it back up to the public)
  • Moving our Physical Autonomy Curriculum programs (Elements, Vitamin, Integral Strength, and Focused Flexibility) over to Praxis
  • And, as always, you can expect tons of free, high quality content at, our YouTube channel, our Facebook and Instagram channels, and right here on the GMB meta blog. If you’re not part of the GMB Posse yet, join here and you’ll get updates, helpful content, and the occasional terrible joke in Andy’s weekly emails.