We’re skipping Black Friday (like we do every year). Here’s why.

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It’s the same thing every year. Holidays equals stress.

At work, projects and other duties usually ramp up before year end, concomitant with less time available as you and everyone else prep for vacations.

Combine that with your family responsibilities and psyching yourself up to gracefully deal with overbearing relatives that you only see twice a year suddenly being interested in your politics and business.

It can be brutal.

And adding another log onto the holiday fire is you’ve got presents to buy! A little bit of “retail therapy” for yourself can temper some of the stresses a bit (temporarily), but all that spending can be a big strain on the wallet.

So you look out for deals… who doesn’t love a good deal?!

Of course retailers and other companies want to take advantage of this and have their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. And why shouldn’t they? Their advertising spend costs more, and the same stresses exist for them as well. The holiday shopping season can go a long way to improving their bottom line.

That’s why around this time of year, we start getting dozens of emails and messages on social media from people wanting to know if we’re going to be having Black Friday or end-of-year deals on our programs. But…

GMB Doesn't Do Black Friday

As a rule, we opt out of Black Friday at GMB, and we rarely ever do discounts on our programs (so rarely, I could probably count the number of times we’ve done discounts in the past decade on one hand).

Why? Don’t we want to hook people up with deals? Well sure, but we already do that all year long. Because we’ve already priced our programs in a way that both makes sense for us to continue to be a viable company, and we also know they are already competitive good deals for their value and worth. Our clients have consistently told us and thanked us for that. Which leads to the most important point of why we we don’t do Black Friday:

We don’t believe in giving Black Friday deals at the expense of all our other clients who paid full price just two weeks earlier.

andy jarlo and ryan gazing at the water

Andy, Ryan, and Jarlo. Besides looking thoughtfully at the Seattle shore and cracking dirty jokes during photoshoots, we’re actually pretty nice guys who really care about our clients.

Respecting the People Who Actually Make GMB Possible

We’ve said it a thousand times, and we’ll say it a thousand more: it’s our clients that have made GMB what it is.

Not only do our clients literally fund the creation of all our programs and ongoing support we provide, they’ve given us the feedback and interaction that’s shown us how we can be most helpful. Our founders and staff have a ton of experience and knowledge, but filtering all that through our experience working with over 60k clients is what really makes GMB special.

And that’s why we always work hard to treat our clients with respect.

I know… that doesn’t sound very exciting, but if you’ve ever flown a budget airline or tried to cancel your cable or phone service, you know that a lot of companies couldn’t care less about how you feel or what’s right and fair. It’s not very sexy, but our policy is to always charge a fair price so we can afford to offer the best possible support to every client, every day.

Fair Prices Buy Great Service

We pride ourselves on offering probably the best customer support you will find from just about any online company, and that support is baked into the prices of our programs. Plus (and I know I’m biased here), they’re really damn good programs that we’ve spent countless hours putting together, followed by countless hours of updating and improving.

So, no, we won’t be doing some special deal this Black Friday, just like we won’t be price gouging you the rest of the year.

So... there's no 99.99% off special, but you're not leaving here empty handed ;)

If you’re looking for something to keep you busy and distracted from opinionated relatives and other stressors, here are some freebies to check out while everyone else is getting trampled at Wal-Mart:

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And if you’re just dying to buy something, we’ll be launching our new program, Mobius, very, very soon.