We Finally Have an Eating Skills Program!

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GMB has been around for nearly a decade, and as most of our clients and followers know, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people live with greater physical autonomy for whatever activities are important to them. And we’ve done a really good job of that, if we do say so ourselves (but you don’t have to take our word for it).

There’s been one big, gaping hole in our company, though:


The vast majority of fitness companies out there have a nutrition component to them, some sort of dietary plan that’s touted as a necessary part of achieving success with their fitness programs. Of course, the way you eat is an essential part of your health, so it makes sense that so many fitness companies do that.

So, why have we avoided the nutrition side of things until now?

It’s simple, really. We wanted to do it right. And that came down to two things:

1. We don’t teach things we don't have vast experience in teaching

One thing you can always count on from us is that we’ll never teach things that we don’t have a lot of experience teaching. We are absolute experts in teaching bodyweight exercise, movement training, and building skills—so that’s what we’ve taught to our GMB clients for the past decade.

When it comes to nutrition, though, Ryan, Andy, and Jarlo have all done their own research and experimenting with nutrition, but none of them had spent a significant amount of time coaching others on that side of things.

Our programs are all based on things we’ve successfully taught, not just on what we’ve studied or tried (unlike a lot of people out there). So we knew we need to bring someone else on board to help us build the right program.

And that took a LONG time. We’ve been talking internally about a program around the eating side of things almost since the beginning of our company, but finding the right person who had the knowledge and coaching experience we wanted, coupled with a philosophy that was in line with our approach to fitness, was no easy task. Which brings me to…

2. We didn't want to teach the same old crap you'll find anywhere else

Most nutrition programs give you a set of rules:

  • what you can and can't eat
  • how much you can and can't eat
  • when you can and can't eat
  • how often you can and can't eat

We wanted nothing to do with anything along those lines.

We’re all about teaching grown up adults how to live with greater freedom in their bodies, not telling people what to do or making them feel less-than if they make different choices. We’re all about making sustainable, habitual changes through building skills and getting really clear on your goals. We’ve gotten the fitness side of things down pat, and we knew we needed a program that would help our clients achieve their goals in the same way.

Enter: Josh Hillis

Josh has been a client of ours since pretty early on (we wrote this case study about him a few years ago if you want to read more about his GMB journey). He’s built his career around digging into what really makes people tick and how habits can be built in a sustainable and healthy way, without trying to force things. Because, as he found through years of research, and through coaching thousands of people, forcing things is pretty much the worst way to build long-lasting habits.

Much of his work has been around helping his clients with weight loss, but he’s spent just as much time working with athletes who want to make dietary changes for performance, and regular folks who just want to eat healthier.

And his philosophy around nutrition is 100% in line with our philosophy around fitness:

It’s all about autonomy.

As such, Eating Skills, the program we hired him to build with us, is unlike any other “nutrition program” on the market.

Eating Skills Isn't a Nutrition Program

“Nutrition program” implies a dictatorial, here’s what you should eat, etc. program, of the sort with which you’re probably all too familiar. It’s also a technical term that actually falls under the auspices of registered dietitians and health professionals that involves what you can and can’t eat from a health perspective.

Eating Skills is not that.

It’s a 5-month coaching experience to help you build skills around eating—because the way we eat, much like the way we move or exercise, is a skill (or, rather, a combined set of skills).

You won’t get any diet rules because this is not a diet. And you most certainly won’t get any meal plans, because this is about helping you build the skills to navigate any situation, and making choices that work for your goals and values. This is about making lasting changes through incremental skill-building, so that change happens without feeling like you’re forcing things or going through hell.

Available Now (for a Limited Time)

Eating Skills is now available and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are doing a limited release, since we can only have Josh do coaching for so many people at once ;) So, registration is open now through January 25, and then it will be closed for a little while before we open it up to the next group.

Get all the details here. Hope to see you inside!