When's the New Shit Happening?

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A few months ago, we killed some of our babies.

And, as you should always expect on the internet, a few people got the wrong idea. In fact, there were a LOT of wrong ideas about what it all meant.

  • Is GMB giving up on strength training to focus on movement? (Whatever that means…)
  • Are we just trying to create false scarcity? (I assure you, the scarcity was quite real.)
  • Maybe we’re gonna dump everything into a subscription product like everybody else seems to be doing? (Yup, we’re totally known for following what everyone else does.)
  • Looks like we’ve finally sold out. (Huh? GMB is a business. Always has been. Selling things is how we pay rent.)

In short, everyone just assumed whatever they most feared from The Change, and it caused a lot of uncertainty. Which is OK, because very little in life is certain anyway. We know, because we’ve been working on building something new for over a year now, and it seems like each step forward reveals a dozen more things we need to address before it’ll be ready for our clients.

So over the past few months, the question we’ve been hearing most is:

When the hell is the new stuff actually gonna happen?

And it’s not just you… we’ve been asking it ourselves.

As of several months ago, we’d already poured tons of time and money into this project, and I’d be lying if I said the delays have been fun for anyone at GMB.

But we’re making headway, and I have good news:

New Program: Mobius is coming soon!

Mobius is the newest GMB program, and it’s going to launch in December.

gmb fitness program mobius

Mobius is about transitional movement.

We’ve shared a bit about why that’s so important (see here, here, and here), but it’s also a big deal because it fills a gap that’s long existed in our curriculum between Elements and Vitamin (and the discontinued Floor Series). Right now, we’ve got:

Elements: very detailed, progressive practice of three core movements and their variations
Vitamin: broad, shallow exploration of a wide variety of skills and combinations

Mobius links those two ideas with a handful of movements and combinations that are more advanced than what’s shown in Elements. We’ve chosen moves you can use to tie all kinds of things together, and they’ll work great with what’s in Vitamin (or any movement discipline you’re into—sports, dance, martial arts… Mobius will add new options for all of those).

In classic GMB style, we didn’t make up any new here. All these moves are old classics that you’ve seen before (and we’ll tell you more about them in a few weeks). The secret sauce is in how we arrange each day’s training to build up your skill and master of the subtle details that make each movement valuable as more than just a party trick.

When can I try it?

Mobius is ready. It’s filmed, programmed, and tested - we’ve had our trainers and a small number of clients practicing with it since May.

In fact, we’d hoped to have released it at the end of August.

The reason for the holdup is Praxis.

Praxis: the GMB Training Platform

Praxis isn’t a program; it’s the platform where all our programs will eventually live.

The “app,” if that’s the way you wanna think of it.

Our current program platform has served us and our clients well for the past five years, but it’s limited by the technology it’s built on. Even with thousands of customizations we’ve made, we always knew we’d only be able to take it so far before we needed to develop our own purpose-built software.

praxis cycle

Praxis allows us to do a few things we can’t currently:

  • Easier daily use by simply picking up exactly where you left off.
  • The ability to adjust your training schedule and session duration to the time you have available.
  • Automatic tracking of your training sessions and performance.
  • In the future: real-time, intelligent personalization based on your progress.

It’s also much faster and simpler to use on a wider array of devices.

For now, all our programs work great on desktop and mobile, and still include great video with captioning and detailed training charts. In fact, it’s still a few steps ahead of comparable courses with this level of comprehensive instruction. But it’s showing its age, and if we were to wait a few more years without updating it, you’d definitely notice its shortcomings.

The first version of Praxis will set the foundation for the next generation of programming and user experience.

You’re gonna love it.

Why’s it taking so long?

Mostly because it’s damn hard to do this right.

Praxis is a complicated project because it has to work for all of our programs. That’s one reason we had to sunset our skills programs earlier this year - they simply wouldn’t have been compatible with the logic behind our newer programs. And even though the current PAC programs will all require a bit of restructuring, Praxis is gonna make for a much simpler and easier-to-understand experience with all of our program, old and new.

But even with all the work that’s going in to getting this ready to launch this year, there’s a ton of ideas we simply aren’t able to build into Praxis… yet. But that’s the great thing about building our own platform - we can make it exactly what it needs to be to give you the most effective and enjoyable training we know how to provide.

Future Rings, Parallettes, and Apparatus Training

At this point, some people are probably thinking:

Wait, wait, wait! I thought you were gonna make new rings and parallettes programs…


We never said that at all. In fact, I thought we were pretty clear that one reason we decided to axe those programs is because we no longer think that’s the best way to organize our programming.

What do you really want anyway:

  • to use rings, or…
  • to get strong and develop physical control?

GMB was founded on the latter, and the former just happens to be one of the methods we use to get there.

We’ve probably had a couple hundred messages from people asking us when we’re gonna release the replacements for Rings One and Parallettes One, and if you’re one of those who’s been wondering, let me tell it to you straight: never.

If we were just gonna make another Rings One, we wouldn’t have stopped selling the first Rings One.

What we did promise is that we’ll still teach people how to use rings and other tools. We do. We still have free articles on our site with some pretty complete rings and parallettes programming. And in the future, we’ll definitely incorporate these tools into new programs we develop. We’ll do that because we love training with rings and P-bars, and we know they they’re effective tools.

But we’re not gonna make another rings program. Or another parallettes program. We’ll have strength training programs that use those tools alongside bodyweight and other kinds of exercise all together.

In short, we plan to make new programs that are focused on your actual goals rather than the tools you use to reach them.

You might be wondering when these programs are gonna happen, and I am too. The short version of the story is “don’t hold your breath.” We’ve got a lot of things that have to happen first (keep reading), so it’s gonna take us a while before we’re ready to build those. When we do, rest assured that, just like our current and previous programs, they’ll be better than anything else out there.

Mobius Launch Date and What Comes Next

Praxis v1 will debut with the Mobius launch in early December. To start, only Mobius will be available on Praxis, and all our current programs will still live on the current members’ area.

Getting onboard with Mobius is gonna get you a front-row seat as we make improvements and roll out new features on the Praxis platform. Here’s some of our plans for 2020:

  • Continuing to develop the Praxis platform so it can scale up reliably.
  • Adding new features and capabilities to make your training effective and a damn pleasure.
  • Integrating a greater emphasis on community and extended capabilities for members of Alpha Posse.
  • Moving all of our PAC programs to onto the Praxis platform.

And when all that’s done, we’ll be ready to begin work on the next generation of GMB programs - yes, that includes the ones that will make use of gymnastic implements like rings and parallettes.

Get Yourself Ready for Mobius

This is a great time to prepare yourself.

Or even make wild assumptions about what you think all this means ;)

For real though, if you have any concerns please let us know. GMB’s not going anywhere, and we always take care of our people. Unlike a lot of people out there, we don’t screw over our current clients when we make changes. And I like to think we’re getting better and better.

We know it’s hard waiting, so we thank you again for your patience and support.