We've updated Vitamin!

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Big news! We’ve been completely revamping our Vitamin program behind the scenes, and it’s now ready for you!

In case you don’t know, Vitamin is our daily movement program (once upon a time, it was called Movement Multivitamin, but that sparked a lot of hilariously angry emails about GMB selling out and becoming a supplement company). Vitamin is designed to help people build better motor control through more movement variety, as well as making movement into a consistent, daily habit. Nearly 17k people have used Vitamin with good success, and for many of those people, the program reignited a love of moving their bodies for fun—something most of us haven’t done since we were kids.

Jarlo and Rose having fun with movement

What's been changed in this update?

Here’s what’s been changed and improved in the new Vitamin:

  • Every single video was re-shot with better detail, and each day includes a detailed tutorial video. We've also changed 7 of the movements in the program.
  • Each day now begins with a prep session, making Vitamin a much more robust training session in its own right (whereas previously, it was better used as an add-on to other training).
  • This used to be a 28-day program, but we've now made it 56 days. You'll go through the same basic movements for a second round, but in round two, we go deeper into some movements and add more dedicated practice to combinations and learning to flow. Round two also features an added daily challenge to push you to explore different ways to perform each movement.
  • Everything has been moved over to our Praxis platform, so it's a lot easier to engage with the program on the go. The new format adjusts to your schedule, so you can practice as many days per week as you'd like without falling behind, and you can adjust your workload each day.

vitamin on praxis

What if you already own Vitamin?

Well, aren’t you smart and good looking!

As has always been the case, when you buy one of our programs, you get access and free updates for life. So, whether you bought Vitamin when we first launched it in 2013 or you just picked it up a few weeks ago, you’ve got access to the new version for no additional cost. You should be getting an email from us within the next few days on how to access your updated program.

If you don’t own Vitamin yet, you can learn more about it here.

What's happening during the launch?

During the launch (Feb 26—Mar 7), we’re selling Vitamin at the old price of $75 (after this week, the price will go up to $95). So, if you don’t own Vitamin yet and you’ve been thinking about it, now’s a good time to get it :)