Will You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Our driving ethos at GMB is helping people build physical autonomy: confidence in knowing that they can rely on their bodies to come through for them no matter what life throws at them.

You want to know that:

  • ...your body is strong enough that you can lift something heavy without throwing out your back.
  • ...you have sufficient mobility to get into tight spots if you need to.
  • ...you can rely on being able to control your movements no matter what's going on.

And that applies in countless contexts, but you’d better believe we’ll all be wishing we had a healthy dose of physical autonomy when the zombies roam the earth. Are you ready for the Zombiepocalypse?

Why Are We Talking About Zombies?

Zombie fighting is one of the most popular genres for video games, and last week, an update to State of Decay 2 (a game played by 3 million people) was released.

Now, here’s the cool part.

For the game, one of GMB’s founders, Jarlo Ilano, went in to their studio as a Combat Consultant, using the fighting skills he’s mastered in his 20 plus years of Filipino martial arts training.

The video game designers used the video reference and motion capture modeling he performed as basis for how the characters wield and utilize knives, machetes, and clubs against their zombie foes. Here’s Jarlo dispatching a zombie (fact: fighting zombies is 800% more effective in your underwear):

Pretty cool, huh?

How Physical Autonomy Helped Jarlo Do This (and what it means for you)

You may have no interest in fighting zombies (whether in a game or in real life), but the benefits of physical autonomy apply, no matter what you’re into.

Jarlo has been training in martial arts for most of his life, and those specific skills were certainly essential for being able to participate in this game. But underlying those skills is a foundation of physical autonomy, which made it possible for him to drop everything for a few hours and demo his moves for this game.

He didn’t do any specific training for this (we hate to tell you this but zombies don’t exist… yet), and didn’t even have much too much to go on besides a big list of situations they wanted to film when Richard Foge (who’s the Design Director at Undead Labs) called him up to come to the studio.

His foundation in physical autonomy gave him the confidence to know he could rely on his body to do the rigorous work that was being asked of him.

No matter what drives you–be it a particular sport, keeping up with your kids, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse–building a foundation of physical autonomy will help you to live better, with more freedom in your body.